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Eyelid Recession

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Eyelid retraction is a symptom of thyroid eye disease that is frequently treated with eyelid recession procedures by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Wade Brock at Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery. There is no quick or easy fix for thyroid eye disease, but with surgical eyelid recession, Little Rock patients and patients traveling to central Arkansas can find relief from this complication of their illness.

What Is Eyelid Recession?

Eyelid recession surgery is performed to treat eyelids that have been pulled into an abnormal position. Retracted eyelids make more of the eye visible and may prevent the patient from fully closely the eyes. In patients affected by thyroid eye disease, retracted eyelids can be caused by swelling and/or tightening of the eyelid muscles.

Eyelid recession surgery may be necessary for lower eyelids that are pulled downward and/or upper eyelids that are pulled upward. Patients with retracted eyelids due to thyroid eye disease often appear to be staring or like they are startled.

Eyelid retraction can cause many complications. In some cases, retracted eyelids can lead to a corneal ulcer and permanent loss of vision if left untreated. Dr. Brock’s specialization in ophthalmic plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery allows him to lengthen and repair your eyelids to relieve the signs and symptoms of this condition.

Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Recession Surgery?

The best candidates for eyelid recession surgery are individuals who want to correct thyroid eye disease and prevent permanent vision loss. Some patients are able to resolve their concerns with minimally invasive interventions, while others require eyelid recession surgery to preserve their vision, relieve discomfort, and/or restore a more natural facial appearance.

Your Eyelid Recession Consultation

The eyelid recession treatment process begins with a consultation that involves an eye exam, a medical evaluation, and a discussion of applicable surgical techniques. Dr. Brock will need your complete medical history and information about prescription medications you are taking in order to assess your eligibility for the procedure. You will also be able to ask questions during the consultation, and Dr. Brock will help you visualize the possible outcome and set realistic expectations.

The Procedure

Eyelid recession surgery will start with administering anesthesia. The best type of anesthesia for you will depend on the medical evaluation conducted by Dr. Brock and the discussion you share during your consultation.

Once the eyelids are ready for incisions, the surgeon can perform the necessary changes to resolve your symptoms. Surgical techniques can involve:

  • Recessing Müller’s muscle
  • Recessing the levator aponeurosis
  • In the most severe cases, grafting the lower or upper eyelids with allografts or autografts

After Dr. Brock has repaired the eyelids, sutures will be placed to close the incisions.

The Recovery Process

A trusted friend or loved one will need to bring you home after your procedure, and you’ll need some assistance around the house for the first few days of your recovery. Depending on the stitches used for your eyelid recession surgery, the sutures may dissolve on their own, or you may need to return to our office so Dr. Brock can remove them approximately one week after your procedure.

Swelling and bruising can be expected for 1 to 3 weeks after the surgery. Total healing time can range from 3 to 12 months, based on the type of eyelid recession surgery performed.

How Much Does Eyelid Recession Surgery Cost?

The price of your eyelid repair procedure will be determined by the extent of your specific surgery. Dr. Brock will include cost details as part of your treatment plan review.


I absolutely love Dr. Brock and the entire staff at Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery. While any type of surgery, especially involving the eye(s), can be concerning or frightening.

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You can learn more about what getting an eyelid recession in Little Rock will involve by scheduling a consultation at Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery. Dr. Brock has the experience and surgical skill to perform a safe and effective eyelid recession procedure that improves your health and boosts your confidence.

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