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Orbital Trauma Little Rock

1RestrictedLeftEyeSupraduction This child is unable to look upward with the left eye when trying to elevate his eyes. This is due to a fracture of the left orbital floor. The muscles and fat get stuck in the fracture and the eye will not move properly.

2RestrictedREyeSupraductionw_fracture This young person is unable to look up with the right eye when trying to elevate his eyes. You can see on the CT that there is an interruption involving the bone of the right (your left) orbital floor with soft tissue herniating into the maxillary sinus.

3EnophthalmosLeftEye This person has enophthalmos of the left eye (your right). This means the left eye is sinking inward. You can see on the CT that there is a fracture of the left medial wall of the orbit so that the ethmoid sinuses have been obliterated by orbital fat. The volume expansion of the orbital space into the ethmoid sinus can sometimes cause enophthalmos. When there are two or more millimeters of enophthalmos present it is usually noticeable to a casual observer.

4ApproachtoBOF This illustration demonstrates the approach to the orbital floor. An incision is made behind the eyelid and underneath the eye.

5ExposureBOF The fracture of the orbital floor is exposed for repair.

6ImplantPlacementBOF An implant is placed. In this illustration the implant is shown to be a supramid sheet. Sometimes a titanium implant or other material is essential for repair.

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