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Lumps and bumps come up on most everyone at one time or another. They can be due to familial traits or increase in frequency as we age. Patients frequently hope that insurance will cover their removal. However, removal is often not covered by insurance. Removal of lumps and bumps is considered cosmetic when:

  1. The primary concern is to improve your appearance
  2. The lump or bump is not potentially harmful or life threatening
  3. Growth cannot be documented
  4. Irritation cannot be documented

Cosmetic Vs. Medical

There is a difference between having a medical problem that is rightfully covered by your insurance versus an unsightly blemish that you are hoping insurance will cover.

In any case, rest assured that your blemish or area of concern can be removed. This can usually be done in the office over lunch or at the end of your workday. If deemed cosmetic, the fee to remove these pesky lumps and bumps is very reasonable so that most anyone can seek the improvement they desire.


In most cases, there is little to no downtime following these procedures. There is usually no discomfort or only mild discomfort, along with mild swelling or bruising.

Dr. Brock performs every procedure himself. He takes significant and intentional steps in the preparation to make your procedure painless. Find out why patients return to Dr. Brock over and over when a new blemish pops up!

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I absolutely love Dr. Brock and the entire staff at Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery. While any type of surgery, especially involving the eye(s), can be concerning or frightening.

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