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Jawline contouring is a term for procedures that facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Wade Brock uses to slim and shape the jawline in order to create a more balanced facial profile. Jawline contouring in Little Rock can be surgical or non-surgical depending on each patient’s aesthetic needs and goals.

These procedures can be done to soften a strong or prominent jawline in order to slim and define the face. It may involve tightening loose skin or removal of excess fat from the jaw area.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Jawline Contouring?

Almost anyone who wants to enhance their facial profile can undergo jawline contouring. It is usually chosen by those who:

  • Want a more defined jawline
  • Have jowls that they want to get rid of
  • Have loose skin obscuring the jawline as a result of aging
  • Have a recessed/underprojected chin
  • Want to achieve a balanced facial profile
  • Are in good overall health

Benefits of Jawline Contouring

Depending on what you’re looking for and the kind of treatment you choose, jawline contouring can provide any of the following benefits:

  • Slimming and softening of the face
  • Improvement of a recessed chin
  • Increased volume and definition
  • A more feminine or masculine look
  • A more youthful and in-shape appearance
  • A reduction in the appearance of jowls
  • Improved facial balance


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Jawline Fillers

FDA-approved injectable dermal fillers can provide non-surgical jawline contouring. In this method, Restylane or Juvederm fillers are injected along the jawline. These hyaluronic acid fillers create new volume in the skin to lift and restore the jawline.

The treatment process takes less than a half an hour to perform and is quite convenient. Fillers are mixed with local anesthetic to temporarily numb the region, making the procedure more comfortable. Results last for six months to a year.

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is another minimally invasive option used when the area around the jaw has lost volume. This multi-step procedure uses the patient’s own fat cells to restore volume in specific areas of the jawline, improving facial contours.

In fat grafting, excess fat is removed from one part of the body through liposuction, purified, and then injected into the jawline region to fill the sagging or sunken areas. Since the fat is harvested from the patient’s body, there is no chance of the body rejecting it, making the procedure very safe. Results are long-lasting and in many cases permanent.

Neck Lift/Facelift

A combination facelift and neck lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin while tightening sagging muscles. This gives a smoother and more youthful appearance to the face, neck, and jawline. Results are permanent, though the natural aging process will still occur.

The facelift focuses on the lower part of the face, while the neck lift focuses on the areas under your chin. You may need either a facelift or a neck lift alone, or Dr. Brock may combine both procedures for more comprehensive results.

This patient underwent a neck lift, facelift, and neck liposuction.

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Silicone Implants

In this surgical jawline contouring procedure, anesthesia is administered, incisions are made, and then a sized implant is placed in the patient’s chin, cheeks, or jaw. This process creates improved definition in the face and jawline.

What to Expect After a Jawline Contouring Procedure

The aftercare process following jawline contouring depends on the type of procedure chosen. In all cases, a degree of soreness, bruising, or swelling may be present but will fade in time. Surgical procedures will require recovery and downtime of several days, whereas injection-based procedures may only require two days of decreased activity. Dr. Brock will give you post-procedure directions that must be followed closely to ensure quality results.

The Cost of Jawline Contouring

The cost of your jawline contouring procedure is based on a number of factors. The exact technique chosen will impact overall price, as will the time needed to perform it and the type of anesthesia used.

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Dr. Wade Brock can help you decide on the best jawline contouring procedure for you during your consultation. To find out more about your options for jawline contouring in Little Rock, contact Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery today and schedule your appointment.

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