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Ptosis is a fairly common condition in which one or both of your upper eyelids droop so that the eyelid margin sags (this is a different condition than simply having excess skin). Droopy upper eyelids can make the eyes look abnormally small. Patients frequently report that they look tired, sleepy, or old. With ptosis repair, Little Rock patients and patients traveling to central Arkansas can correct these problems.

If your main concern is the appearance, and your vision is not obstructed enough to meet criteria set forth by your insurance company, a corrective procedure is considered cosmetic. Droopy eyelids are usually due to aging.

Causes of Ptosis

There are various reasons why a person gets droopy eyelids. This includes natural causes and even serious genetic conditions. Some examples of causes of ptosis include allergies, eye rubbing, contact lens wear, congenital causes, and trauma. Ptosis is also often seen in older adults due to the natural aging process. This results in the stretching of the tendon attached to the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid.

What Is Ptosis Repair?

Procedures for ptosis repair vary according to the main cause of a patient’s eyelid sagging. Surgery to repair ptosis usually involves precise tucking or reattaching of the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. Many times this can be accomplished without a skin incision by tucking the muscle on the undersurface of the eyelid. Dr. Brock is one of a small number of plastic surgeons in Arkansas who performs this procedure routinely.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Ptosis Repair?

Most anyone who is struggling to live with droopy eyelids can undergo ptosis repair. This condition may obstruct a person’s vision or cause a negative impact on their appearance that affects their psychological wellbeing.

As long as you are healthy, you don’t smoke, and you don’t have any serious eye conditions, you could be a good fit for ptosis repair.

Your Consultation

Before getting a procedure for ptosis repair, a consultation with Dr. Brock can help you determine the likely cause of your droopy eyelids. You might need to undergo an eye examination, physical examination of your eyelids, and other tests that will confirm whether ptosis repair is right for you.

You will need to discuss your health history, including whether you’re taking any medications, to ensure that there is nothing that could cause any complications.

What Is Ptosis Repair Like?

Ptosis repair is typically performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Brock will strengthen the attachment of the levator muscle to your eyelid and makes changes to the height of your eyelid through stitches.

The procedure usually lasts between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on the extent of droopiness.

The Recovery Process

An appearance of swelling and bruising is normal after your ptosis repair surgery. You can use a cold compress to deal with these issues. It’s also important to keep your head elevated during the recovery period. Make sure to follow Dr. Brock’s detailed recovery instructions closely.

Ptosis Repair Cost

If ptosis is severely affecting your vision, the cost may be partially or completely covered by insurance. You may discuss this with Dr. Brock upon consultation to get more information regarding the actual price.

Arrange a Consultation

Learn more about what getting ptosis repair in Little Rock will involve by contacting our office for a consultation. Dr. Brock has performed thousands of eyelid surgeries. He has written and published on the topic of ptosis. He is sought after to correct eyelids that might have had complications during previous ptosis surgery. Dr. Brock is considered by many to be the best ptosis surgeon available. When you choose Dr. Brock and his staff to address your cosmetic eyelid needs, rest assured that you are in the very best of hands.

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I was very nervous about surgery. But Dr. Brock explained everything and put me more at ease than anyone could have. I am in my 20’s and was so self-conscious about my condition. I have my confidence and life back! Life is a party for me now! Thank you so much Dr. Brock!

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