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At Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery, we offer the ContourTRL laser platform, an advanced cosmetic laser that will take years off your appearance and give you back the youthful appearing skin you miss so much. With ContourTRL from Sciton, we can perform a variety of laser resurfacing treatments to suit the unique needs of each patient.

ContourTRL can be calibrated to perform the NanoPeel, the MicroLaserPeel, and full-field resurfacing. The right treatment option for you will depend on your specific skin issues and your aesthetic goals.


What Is ContourTRL?

ContourTRL (Tunable Resurfacing Laser) is a state-of-the-art way to resurface the skin using erbium:YAG laser energy. This energy peels away layers of dead and damaged skin, revealing new youthful skin that is free from imperfections.

It can be used to treat many areas of the body, including the neck, hands, chest, and face. All skin types can be treated. It can also be performed in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures for increased rejuvenation.

What sets ContourTRL apart from other skin resurfacing laser technologies is its independent controls for tissue ablation and coagulation. This allows for gentle, moderate, or deep resurfacing and offers a high degree of precision and customization, making it a safe and effective option for every patient.

Because other lasers do not offer separate controls for coagulation and ablation, they can cause frustrating side effects and a long and uncomfortable recovery process.

What Is Ablation?

Laser resurfacing is an ablative treatment, meaning it is designed to remove dull skin. ContourTRL’s ultra-short laser pulses deliver heat energy to the skin, ablating dead and damaged skin cells. When the laser energy interacts with the cells, it breaks the existing chemical bonds. This converts the cells from a solid state to a gas or a plasma state.

Laser ablation with ContourTRL is a very safe process, since just the smallest amount of required heat is transferred to the region. This allows it to avoid causing harm to surrounding tissues.

The NanoPeel

Our NanoPeel, also called the NanoLaserPeel, is a light superficial laser peel. This treatment is used to even out skin tone, make rough skin smoother, and add a youthful glow.

Because it is so gentle, the NanoPeel only requires topical anesthesia before treatment. The treatment process is also very quick and simple.

The NanoPeel is ideal for patients trying out their first laser treatment, since it requires very little downtime (usually only 1 to 2 days). Because of this, it is often referred to as a Weekend Peel.

The MicroLaserPeel

Our MicroLaserPeel is ideal for facial skin resurfacing. The laser works for all areas of the face to reduce the signs of wrinkles, dyschromia, age spots and acne scars. This process gives the skin a more even tone and a youthful glow, eliminating a tired and dull appearance. Visible differences are present after just one treatment session.

Full-Field Resurfacing

Full-field resurfacing is a type of deep laser skin resurfacing used to create impressive rejuvenation. This treatment is capable of resolving a wide variety of skin issues:

  • Drooping skin in regions like the lower eyelids and cheeks
  • Scars
  • Harsh wrinkles (rhytides), including age lines around the mouth and eyes
  • Sun spots
  • Rough texture
  • Uneven tone

What Is the Laser Resurfacing Treatment Process Like?

At the start of the treatment session, the skin is cleaned, and then the eyes are protected using safety shields. The required type of anesthesia is administered in order to numb the region to any pain or discomfort. The handpiece is then used to evenly administer laser energy to the skin.

The recovery process after your laser skin resurfacing treatment varies depending on the depth of the treatment. Temporary redness or swelling may be present. It will be vital to follow Dr. Brock’s post-treatment care directions.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Laser Resurfacing?

Patients will see results after a single treatment. Results will depend on the original condition of your skin and the treatment you choose. Full-field resurfacing treatments definitely offer the most dramatic results, followed by the MicroPeel and NanoPeel, respectively. Which treatment you choose will be a consideration between the results you wish to see and the downtime you have available. For the MicroPeel and NanoPeel, patients often space maintenance treatments over the course of three months to one year, with each treatment exhibiting additive results. Dr. Brock can assess you and make recommendations based on his training, knowledge of the laser treatments, and experience. Contact us now and restore your skin to the beautiful condition you desire!


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