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As a parent, the health of your child is of the utmost importance. Dr. Brock and the staff at Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery, PLLC are committed to providing the very best pediatric oculoplastic surgery and medical care available. Some children are burdened with eyelid problems that can negatively affect vision or visual development. The most common problem is congenital ptosis (drooping eyelid). Other problems can include epiblepharon, ectropion, ankloblepharon or coloboma just to name a few. Eyelid abnormalities can negatively affect and impair vision and should be treated by a highly trained and experienced specialist.

Why Choose Dr. Brock

Dr. Brock also treats congenital problems pertaining to the tear drainage system such as nasolacrimal duct obstruction, punctual atresia, nasolacrimal sac fistulas, dacryocystocele and dacryocystitis. The eye socket (or orbit) can also manifest problems in children. Dr. Brock has the training and experience to provide the very best care available. Children of all ages may experience problems with the orbit. Such problems may be the result of traumatic injuries, tumors, birth defects, infection or inflammation. In some cases, acute bacterial infections or rapidly progressive orbital tumors can create problems that affect the eye socket and risk a child’s life. The most common way a child can contract an orbital infection or orbital cellulitis is via a sinus infection. This condition must be treated swiftly using antibiotics and surgery in some cases. Sometimes a painful condition called pseudotumor or myositis can result in bulging of the eye, double vision and pain. Children need immediate relief. It takes an experienced provider to provide the care and attention necessary. Finally, another relatively common problem in this area of specialty is microphthalmic or anophthalmia (a small or missing eye). Sometimes following injury, children need the eye removed (enucleation or evisceration). Dr. Brock is experienced and highly qualified to provide the very highest level of care in these circumstances. It is very important that a qualified specialist such as Dr. Brock is involved in order to maximize proper facial development in the absence of a normal eye.
This photo demonstrates a congenital condition called epiblepharon. The condition is most common in patients with Asian ethnicity but can occur in Caucasians and others as well. It is due to the orbicularis muscle overriding the eyelid margin and pushing the lashes into the eye. Infants and toddlers frequently outgrow the condition but if the child does not outgrow it, and as the lashes become more coarse and irritating to the eye, the condition is corrected.
This photo demonstrates that flourescein dye does not drain well through the right nasolacrimal system into the nose due to a stenosis or obstruction.
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I absolutely love Dr. Brock and the entire staff at Arkansas Oculoplastic Surgery. While any type of surgery, especially involving the eye(s), can be concerning or frightening.


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