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Fat Grafting Little Rock

Little Rock Oculoplastic & Facial Cosmetic Surgeon


Also known as fat sculpting, fat grafting uses your own natural tissue to restore a youthful shape and volume to your face. Liposuction is used to remove healthy and robust fat cells from your abdomen, outer thigh near your hip or inner thigh above your knees. After isolating individual fat cells, they are injected through a small sculpting cannula into the soft tissue areas of your face where fat has been lost to aging or common familial traits. Fat grafting can enhance your cheeks, lips, upper or lower eyelids, and other parts of your face to create a more youthful appearance.


Dr. Brock saw me on short notice, his staff did a great job. He stayed late to see me. He called me on my cell phone to make sure the MRI went well. The next morning he called to tell me my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Brock.

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