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Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are very popular treatments used to improve your appearance. Why are they so popular? Because, they can soften your presentation to others, make you look less intense, rested and youthful, uncovering your real beauty!

Also, the treatments can be given with virtually no discomfort and a very reasonable cost for your return.

The doctor is in! You will see Dr. Brock every time you come for Botox. Dr. Brock performs every one of his treatments—no exceptions!

Patients choose to come back to Dr. Brock over and over. If you have friends who have seen Dr. Brock, they are likely to tell you this was their best experience receiving Botox. See for yourself, what they are all talking about! Call 501-223-2244 now, for an appointment!

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How does Botox work?

In order for muscles to contract, they require the release of a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, to be released from the end of the nerve. Botox blocks the release of acetylcholine, there by inhibiting the muscle contractions.

Where is Botox Administered?

The most common places Dr. Brock uses Botox is at the glabellar lines and lateral laugh lines, the forehead, upper lip and the lip depressors (treating these can improve the downturn at the corners of your mouth).

How long will Botox last?

Botox will be very effective for most patients during a finite period of time. Most patients in our practice get relief from blepharospasm for 3-4 months. Patients get relief from wrinkles for about 3-5 months. A small number of patients may only get relief for 1-2 months or for a longer period of time 4-6months.

When will the Botox start working?

Botulinum takes effect in most people at about 48 hours following injection. The maximum effect is usually at 7-14 days.

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  • Botox, Xeomin & Dysport
  • Botox, Xeomin & Dysport

Are Botox injections painful?

Most patients report mild to modest discomfort with Botox injections. Different from many other providers, there are practices Dr. Brock uses to keep you comfortable. He uses a very small gauge needle—30 gauge or less. Dr. Brock uses preserved saline to constitute the Botox. Some physicians still use preservative free saline, but this is known to be more painful. Topical anesthetic and ice are very helpful. In addition, he also vibrates the nearby area with his finger when injecting—this confuses your sensory nerves and allows for less discomfort.

What are common side-effects?

Swelling and some redness will occur immediately and is usually transient, lasting 2-3 hours.

Bruising will occur in some patients and is most common in patients who tend to bruise easily or who are on anti-coagulant medications or supplements.

Ptosis can occur. Ptosis is drooping of the upper eyelid. This is also worse in the first few weeks but can last several weeks. This is usually avoided by injecting lateral to the orbital rim or bone to the side of your eye and by not injecting deeper than the orbicularis muscle.

Double vision is very rare, but has been reported when injecting the lower eyelids. Although Dr. Brock routinely injects the lower eyelids, he has never had a patient report double vision.

These side-effects, fortunately subside as the botox effect wears off. Also, side-effects can be sporadic or random and usually are not observed to occur in the patient over and over.

There are other side effects that have been reported but these are the most common in Dr. Brock’s practice.

Is Botox safe?

Botox has been used safely for medical indications since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and used routinely for medical purposes in a large number of patients since the 1980’s.

You should never use unapproved versions of botox or similar FDA approved botulinum. This been done by some physicians in the United States, with perilous effects to the patients.

Go to someone you can trust, like Dr. Brock, to properly treat you.


I was very nervous about surgery. But Dr. Brock explained everything and put me more at ease than anyone could have. I am in my 20’s and was so self-conscious about my condition. I have my confidence and life back! Life is a party for me now! Thank you so much Dr. Brock!

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