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Scars and Keloids Little Rock

Little Rock Oculoplastic & Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Look no further for a doctor who is capable and enthusiastic to improve your scar or keloid. Scars and keloids occur when there is normal or over vigorous healing. They can be unsightly and/or painful.

Sometimes, without intervention, they continue to enlarge. Improving your appearance by treating your scar or keloid is a special area of interest for Dr. Brock. Scars and keloids are common among many patients. Perhaps you had surgery in the past or experienced a trauma of some kind. Whether you have an unsightly scar from a previous cosmetic surgery, or had an unanticipated accident, there are many safe and effective modalities to improve your appearance.

The treatments range from being completely noninvasive to surgical solutions. In between those two ends of the spectrum, some patients may benefit from different injectables, tattooing, dermabrasion, laser, a combination of any of these or other regimens. You do not need to live with that unsightly scar or painful keloid that is robbing you of confidence or peace. Contact Dr. Brock today for a consultation and learn how he may help.

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I was very nervous about surgery. But Dr. Brock explained everything and put me more at ease than anyone could have. I am in my 20’s and was so self-conscious about my condition. I have my confidence and life back! Life is a party for me now! Thank you so much Dr. Brock!

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